Something nice from both a friend and a client.

Few photographers have endured typhoon force wind at the summit on Huanggang Peak in the Wuyi Mountains China while trying to photograph a rare tea plant. Not many can express the horror of gun fire from the Tamil Tigers while traveling through Northern Sri Lanka. Or say that they have a master degree from one of United States top business schools. And even fewer can claim to have ventured to and photographed more than 50+ cities in 10+ countries.

Vancouver photographer Greg Lui can. Greg is perhaps one of the most famous personalities in Vancouver that few people know about. His work graces the walls of all Blenz Coffee stores in British Columbia. Thousands have purchased his photos on stock photo sites. And countless people have heard Greg live when he delivered keynotes at international conferences and university lecture halls. All these elements make Greg Lui one of the most fascinating photographers in Western Canada.

Emily Chen
Senior Copy Writer
DDB Shanghai