Greg Lui is one of those rare people who has the soul of an artist combined with the ability to master the psychology of the human spirit. Greg’s life and his work embody a man who has risen to master both himself and his art.

Greg’s nature is composed, friendly and humorous. In the face of any challenge, Greg remains relaxed. He possesses a special ability to put everyone instantly at ease. His entertaining stories help him win over even the shyest of subjects, establishing a cheerful environment of friendship that is revealed in his portraits by unique expression and beauty.

The people that Greg portrays are illuminated by this elusive gift that comes from the spirit. Here lies the secret of his photography. It starts from a spark of vision in the artist. It is then traveled to the subject creating for just a moment, an electric atmosphere. It is here that a subtle harmony of emotion and grace is captured in his photography.

Although Greg has owned a boutique advertising agency, managed some of the finest natural food and coffee and tea brands in North America and even shot high fashion on the runways of Shanghai, Beijing and Vancouver, his love of photography fits best with his love of weddings. Trusted by his clients, admired by his peers, Greg’s goal is to give his clients an anthology of memories that will last forever.